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The use of technology has increased tremendously in the past couple of decades. Almost every movie that is released today has some sort of technology involved in it. The most common examples of the technology used in the movies are the editing software which are used to give special effects in these movies. Another common tech is the green screen which pairs with the editing software to help make the scenes that would have otherwise been impossible to shoot using the real life sets. However the technologies that are shown in the movies are extremely advanced and cool looking. This essay will describe one such movie where the tech shown in the movie is much advanced, and will describe the different aspects that the movie (series) tries to cover.

The name of the movie is – The Iron Man.The main character in the movie Tony Stark (Robert Downey junior) is a billionaire and mastermind weapon inventor. He is the son of Howard Stark. He was demonstrating a new missile in Afghanistan. While riding in a military car, he was attacked by a group of terrorists (Ten Rings) and was kept in a cave. Dr. Ho yinsen was another captive who prevented the death of Stark by building an electromagnet that stopped the shrapnel to reach his heart.

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Stark was asked by the Ten Rings’ leader to make a new missile for them. He agreed, but instead working on the weapon, both of them started making an armoured suit powered by an electric generator called the arc reactor. With the help of the suit, was able to defeat the terrorists and successfully made an escape from the cave where he was kept.When he returned, he started his work to make his reactor better and came up with a new and more powerful arc reactor.  He also announced that Stark Industries will no longer make weapons. Obadiah Stane, the company’s manager, convinced Stark that his decision will bring a lot of trouble for the company, but Stark was not in the mood of being convinced.

He spent a couple of months to improve his suit adding more and more features to it. He was informed by a reporter that his new missiles were delivered to the Ten Rings, and later he found that it was Stane who was the fox between the sheep. He flied in his new suit to the village that was being attacked by those missiles, killed all the terrorists, and destroyed all the missiles and saved the village.Later with the help of his assistant pepper pots, He learned that it was Stane who was behind the attack in Afghanistan and that Ten Rings work under his command.  Stane’s men reverse engineered the Stark’s original suit to recreate a new it. But stane’s scientists were unable to complete the suit because of the missing key component, i.e.

stark’s arc reactor. 


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