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H.G Well’sThe Invisible Man Book Report"The stranger came early in February, one wintry day, through a biting wind and a driving snow. He was wrapped from head to foot, and the brim of his soft felt hat hid every inch of his face but the shiny tip of his nose. He staggered into the Coach and Horses (an Inn in Ipling), more dead than alive"(p.11) The stranger was the invisible man. The Invisible Man was written by H.G.

Wells, and published in 1964. The invisible man is a dynamic character who was changed by society. He seemed to start out as a quiet man who didn't like to be disturbed. Some things that a few of the people did made him angry, Angry to the point that, in the end, he was killing people for no apparent reason. In the beginning I wanted the people to leave the Invisible Man alone, but by the end he needed to be killed. Before he made himself invisible, he was an albino.

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His name was Griffen, and he was living in a rented place, where he would conduct his experiments. He kept getting pissed off at his landlord, who was constantly bothering Griffen. With the landlord always around, Griffen was always afraid that someone would figure out how he was making things transparent.

He thought that becoming invisible was a utopian idea, and he didn't want someone stealing his idea. Griffen was so stuck on his invention that he didn't take the time to think the whole thing out. He comes across as a nervous character at this point in the story. The landlord made him very angry and he decided to run the experiment on himself. Once he was invisible, he destroyed his machine, and because he was so angry he burned the house down. As he walked the streets he was leaving muddy footprints.

Some boys saw the footprints and the ghostly feet that made them. Immediately, the boys drew a crowd and started chasing the feet. This made him cautious, and he realized that it wasn't going to be easy to stay invisible.

He needed clothes and shelter,.

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