The participants. Each participant will be given

The interpretative phenomenological analysis (IPA) approach (Smith, 2004) will be used to analyse the data. This approach is a detailed examination of each participant’s response and how their personal experience addresses the questions being asked about the phenomenon of social and personal challenges with work-life balance.

3.4 Data analysis (qualitative) and software

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For this study, face-to-face semi-structured interviews will be conducted both in English and Urdu languages depending upon the convenience of the participants. Each participant will be given the right to withdraw from the study at any time. Interviews will be tape recorded with the consent of participants. Each interview will be then translated and transcribed.

3.3 Data collection instruments:

The sample will be women entrepreneur who manage and own their business for at least five years, socially active and also have their responsibilities towards their family. There is a huge research gap in the literature issues of work life balance with respect to women entrepreneur in Pakistan. The selected sample will be deliberate choice comprising of active entrepreneur with social and family responsibilities.

3.2. Sampling strategy:

The research design proposed for this study is qualitative phenomenology which will give insight understanding of the life experiences of participants in the research study (Goulding, 2005). No research studies have been found that discusses the social and personal work-life balance issues of Pakistani women entrepreneurs (Pareek & Bagrech, 2017). The ‘qualitative nature of inquiry’ is suitable where less is known about the situation or where the studies need to be more explored (Creswell, 1998). Previous studies have also used the phenomenological approach to study the work-life balance phenomenon by exploring the lived experiences of women (Millward, 2006; Woodward, 2007).

3.1 Research Design:

The present research will be an exploratory study of nature. Data will be collected through interview method.



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