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The internet has made our lives better from one day to one day since the 1950s.

Moreover, almost 90% it has been used for finding information, running the business and communicating. For example, students use internet for researching their lessons. Although some people think that the internet might be a dangerous device for groups of the terror network, it is very useful for comfortable living in the present with three important reasons.Firstly, the internet is using for seeking any kind of information such as news, politic worldwide, health,…etc.

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Therefore, people take the internet to upload their information to their own website. For instance, ABC News use the internet for updating their news every minute. All in all, the internet help us good so far to receive information.Secondly, the internet is a part of commercial that people need it to run their business. Furthermore, all of the digital currencies (cryptocurrencies) depend on the internet for trading their stock exchange. Especially, Bitcoin can manage their board price because they use the internet for processing.

To sum up, the internet is the first choice forward to a successful business.Another reason the internet is pretty convenient for communicating each other around the world because it gives us access to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,…etc. Thus, people can engage with their families, friends and workplace workers to see what everybody is up to. To illustrate, a young person can get the last report from who is his lover even though that person lives far away from each other. Finally, the internet really makes our lives very suitable nowadays.In conclusion, the internet is a useful device that brings us joy to our lives.

Consequently, we should improve both quality and service with unlimited coverage because it is a part of our happiness.


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