The provide appropriate individual training and assessment

The initial assessment is an assessment that happens prior to the students learning. It is a process to identify an individual learning and supports needs that they may have. As it enables the provider to produce an individual learning plan which can provide the structure for their learning. Support needs are an additional help for the learner that sometimes prevents them from fulfilling their full learning potential which the provider will be able to get an understanding from the assessment. Initial assessment can be in a form of online testing, questionnaires, and interviews.

Diagnostic assessment is an assessment, which outlines the specifics of someone’s needs at the beginning of the course such as literacy, numeracy and information and communication technology (ICT) skills. It helps the teacher to evaluate the learner’s skills, knowledge, strengths and areas for development in certain subject areas. It also involves making judgements as to how a student is performing against a set of criteria’s. From the diagnostic assessment, the teacher will be able to provide help to the learner from the information which is gained from the results will enable them to plan to meet any individual needs and to arrange support for the learner if necessary.

Gravells (2018) also states the results of initial and diagnostic assessments should help the teacher to provide appropriate individual training and assessment plans or action plans for the learners. As this will show to the teacher whether the learner is on the right course at the right level with the correct support they will need to succeed in the end.

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