The in a structure approach, The deduction

The induction is the approach and process of basic research to generate a body of knowledge to create model by wide range of nine elements of problem definition , This approach aims to generate meanings from the data set collected in order to identify patterns and relationships to build a theory , it’s a process of research that prepared to adding value for something we don’t know before to current knowledge and to understand a phenomenon that repeated in the environment with an inductive model which comprehend a specific phenomenon in different settings, inductive investigation is a comprehend problems and synthesize issues to get a solution and understanding for a specific phenomenon .
The deduction is the approach and process of applied research which support a solution and adding value to a specific problem to be solved in a structure approach, The deduction is a sound of methodological design to solve a managerial issues, with implementing the six scientific steps of problem definition, looking for the literature reviews, doing the research design, collecting data, then doing the related analysis for this data and finally get the conclusion , following frame work of systematic and solid procedures to identify the problem and get effective solution , we start with a general theory and then apply this theory to a specific case.
For instance


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