The reducing requirements for wastewater treatment and

The increasing industrial growth in several countries is placing high environmental costs despite their sustained economic development. With the enormous amount of pollution being generated, several industries have vowed to pursue prevention by taking a proactive approach towards reducing (or eliminating) pollution as part of their environmental responsibility commitment. The Kingdom of Thailand, which houses large electroplating and surface finishing facilities, is not exempted from countries contributing to the rapid spread of pollution. In fact, for these facilities, their products undergo several rinse steps which do not only generate volumes of wastes but dispose a large amount of toxic debris from acids, alkalis, heavy metals and cyanides used in pretreatment, electroplating, and post-treatment of products. However, they can take significant opportunities to ensure that their toxic debris and wastewaters have a minimum contribution towards pollution.

By doing this, they can ensure environmental responsibility while ensuring their workers’ safety and being cost-effective by reducing requirements for wastewater treatment and disposal.

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