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The increase in the number of people abusing these immigration laws increase the urgency of dealing with sham marriages especially from Africans moving into the UK. These kinds of marriages of convenience are often used by those whose live in the UK has expired or close to expiry and have often exhausted all available means of extending their stay in the country. Most of the motivation for engaging in these sham marriages activities includes the financial gain from such activities.

This paper will therefore have an in-depth examination of the concepts of sham marriages in the UK. An examination of the factors that influence African minorities to engage in such practices will be done. Immigration policies in the UK and existing literature on Sham marriages will be analyzed in addition to sociological reason for the existence of Sham marriages CITATION Tar10 l 1033 (Janoski, 2010).

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The UK legal system, it is not a criminal offence to engage in sham marriage but rather the prosecution is done of crimes that are related to the offences committed. These include perjury, immigration conspiracy and bigamy. In the event that an immigrant makes an application for entry into the UK and makes claim of civil partnership and it is discovered to be a sham then the person would be ejected from the UK. The UK has put in place different mechanisms and provisions to deal with such cases of people entering the UK through sham marriages.

Such measures include scrutiny of these marriages to determine if they are indeed legitimate. Upon discovery of such arrangements being a sham and only a tool of beating the immigration rules certain penalties are applied to them like deterrence which will prevent them from commission of the offences in future.The following are the practices that must be put in place to deal with this menace this include giving the relevant authorities the power to stop a marriage from taking place as soon as discovery is made that it is a sham marriage. A proper definition of what constitutes a marriage should be given in order to properly identify a marriage that is of convenience.

Family migration into the UK is quite a common phenomenon. This has happened historically for quite a long time since the early 1960’s. Since then it has become a huge source of immigration into the UK. The integration of the new migrants is dependent on the efforts of the migrants and the social political and economic conditions that are prevalent in the UK.

Efforts to restrict the entry of certain migrants into the UK are quite questionable with questions being raised as to whether it is a violation of human rights through the restriction of freedom of movement


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