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The study of Organisationis of prominence to individuals like us because organisations teach us abouteach and every aspect of human life. An organisation is a unique entity whichwithin inself comprises of various branches such as  business and instituitions who aim for acommon purpose.

It has been recognised that forms of organisations includefamiles, religion, politics and many more. Through our interactions with ourparents, colleagues or our work mates we would have mentioned about variousorganisations that is of importance to us such as music bands , sports teams,or unversities and colleages where we study.  This re-emphasises the fact that we are ableto see organiations everywhere and that they organise our lives. In the case ofa student, their lives are organised by timetables set by the university,assignment deadlines and computer and library hours.

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More specifically, itis believed that by observing how organisations worked in the past, how itworks now and how it will work in the future we can understand how organisationsreally matters. At the moment wedepend on organisations to meet our daily living standards. For example,organisations provide us with the food we eat, the house we live in, the job wehave, the medical care we receive, the education we have and much more. Forexample, the NHS is an organisation that offers free medical care whenever weneed it.

Similarly tasks that used to be carried out by individuals have now betaken over by organisations. This meant that labourers didn’t have to use uptheir energy so much since work that had to be done by hand has been taken overby machines. Also, educating a child is carried out by various types oforganisationgs including nurseries, schools, universities, churches etc. Furthermore,more children are being educated nowadays and we have therefore got more childlearners than child labourers. Likewise, organisations offers jobs to peoplewhich also means that organisations determine how much money an individual earns.On the other hand, thedevelopment of organisations have had significant negative effects too. This canbe seen by the vast amount of pollution being released from factories which hasled to various health problems. Secondly, workers used to be much moreprofessional and trained individuals but the introduction of new technologies havemade them untrained and easily replaceable.

 Nextly, studyingorganisation is important because they are a way by which people connect totheir childhood. This is because as we work with people throughout our careerwe are making an organisational history. It is also seen that we as individualsoften seem to show ourselves as organisations that we have been involved in. Thismay be done through the clubs, schools, colleges, or work that we have beeninvolved in. Similarly, organisations are a way which helps people to worktowards a brighter future. As individuals work hand in hand with one another itleads to new inventions and creation of new products.

 Therefore, it is very important to study about organisationsbecause as author Grey states ” to study them is to study just about everyfacet of human life”. 


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