The Importance of Employee Referral essay

It is a disconcerting practice, yet it still occurs. Also having a friend, that works, at the corporation, will start the recruiting process by preparing the candidate or the interview. By providing applicants with knowledge of the company will help the candidates understand the company a little better, like what sort of business does the company do, their work ethics and what the recruiting process entitles. This process helps the applicant and the employee assess the prospective employees’ abilities.

Such skills include but not limited to having the aptitude for the job, and would they make a lucrative employee and is just what the corporation is looking for to be a part of a good team. If the answer is negative, the likely answer would be not to apply. Thus, by weaving out any applicants considered unsuitable to work for the enterprise or by continuing with the referral process. With what they consider, a good fit and make a lucrative employee for the business.

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Employees and the referral process reduces the cost to the company; for those referring employee start the recruiting process by prescribing and selecting friends, then referring those that are the best applicants for the job. There are merits to employee referrals to a business in getting jobs. Twice I was referred. My mother thought it necessary to help me get a good first job. The first was a referral with General Service section (GM) at the Health Department. The job was working at the reception desk to an ever-increasing business.

The interview consisted of my reading the job description for 1 0 minutes and watching the people as they entered the building, and then came the formal interview with the GM and the Communication Specialist. I will keep the story short, the 20-minute interview turned into a two-hour conversation. It was as was entering into my house an hour later that the GM called and said that the job was mine. It continued to be men for the next 28 years. Now that job and I was a perfect match. To this day, the GM and the communication specialist are still my friends.

Still working at the health department and needed a part-time job and for the second time my mother again referred me to a well known retail store where she worked part-time as a cashier. After explaining to HER about my temporary disability of not being able to walk and stand for long periods, they had me come in for an interview with a panel of three. During the interview, I was informed the only job available was as a stock/floor associate. However, there was going to be an opening in another department, which would be a utter fit if could be the floor/stock associate for the time being.

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