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Essay title: The Importance of Crooks in of Mice and Men

In this novel Crooks possesses the majority of loneliness and discrimination.

He has more possessions than anyone, because he is a permanent worker unlike the other workers who just come and go.Crooks has his own room which is connected to the barn, and is supposed to be a privilege.But it is really a solitary confinement, because he can’t go into the bunkhouse with the other guys. Crooks becomes lonely because of the racial discrimination all the workers give him. When Lennie comes to pet the puppies, he doesn’t realize that Crooks' room is off limits, Crooks instantly becomes defensive stating "I ain't wanted in the bunk room and you ain't wanted in my room” (68).Lennie asks “Why ain't you wanted"(68).

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Crooks retaliates "Cause I'm black, they play cards in there but I can't play because I'm black. They say I stink. Well I tell you, all of you stink to me"(68).These lines show that Crooks is very lonely and wants to be one of the guys and play cards with everyone.Crooks then realizes than Lennie will cause no harm and lets him go in and sit down to talk, because he is so lonely.

Crooks goes into talking about how everyone needs a friends, stating “A guy goes nuts if he ain’t go nobody.Don’t make no difference who the guy is, long’s he’s with you. I tell ya”(73).Lennie begins telling Crooks about George and his dreams of getting a place. Crooks, having been on the ranch for quite a while, has witnessed a lot of people with the same dream, stating "Nobody ever gets to heaven, and nobody never.

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