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The importance of being a Marine first.
A lot of times we hear people say ”remember you are a Marine before you are anything else.” To me that’s not exactly true. Before I go into my reasoning for my statement I’m going to describe what being a Marine means.
When you ask someone, what does being a Marine mean, you’ll get many different answers. That’s because being a Marine means something different to every Marine. Some might say that being a Marine is just a title you earn after completing the crucible in recruit training and it’s a title you forever hold until the day you die, and some might say that being a Marine doesn’t mean as much as it used 20+ years ago, but to others it’s something much more. To me being a Marine isn’t just a job or some title to wave around like a banner. To me being a Marine means doing whatever it takes to get the job done, to protect your country, to lookout for fellow Marines no matter what billet or rank they might hold, being a Marine is a way of life. I joined the Marine Corps to better myself and to set an example for younger generations. I felt like I had an obligation to pay back all of the past Marines who gave their life fighting for this country. But it’s not just an obligation to repay them, but an obligation to do the right thing all the time, no matter if anyone is watching or not. Because it’s not just a uniform you wear it’s the title you hold as Marine that should drive you to be a better Marine tomorrow than you were the day before. Marines are known for fighting and winning battles, but that’s not the only thing Marines should be known for. As a Marine we should always strive to do the right thing no matter what, to help those in need. But that doesn’t mean only help fellow Marines, even if it’s a civilian who needs help we should do our best to help anyone in need. Very few Marines will actually take time out of their day to help someone. But some Marines will only help people if they know they will get a reward for their services, but that’s the wrong mentality. Part of doing the right thing doesn’t mean always being recognized for it.
As I stated earlier in this essay I said we hear people say ”remember you are a Marine before you are anything else.” To me that’s not exactly true and here is why. No matter what we are doing in life we are Marines and that means even when we aren’t at work or on base. If we are on leave and are back In our hometown and we were to get arrested for drunk driving the news isn’t going to say 19 year old arrested, instead it will say United States Marine is arrested for drunk driving. A lot of times some Marines will get in trouble and it gives the Marine Corps a “black eye” because they might have been on leave or off base and they think that their duties and responsibilities are over when the work day ended. But to a certain extent ”being a Marine first” could come into play. Every Marine has duties and responsibilities to their fellow Marines and to themselves to do as they are told even if they are off work. If you must do something after work and it was crucial this task gets done and it goes uncompleted, then it could cause negative ripple effects in your career, this is where setting priorities comes into play. Every Marine should have a set of priorities or a list of things to get accomplished, setting priorities can be an effective tool used to organize your day to day life. If you fail a simple yet crucial task then you could lose your credibility, and credibility is essential in any part of life not just in the Marine Corps. But once its gone in someone’s eyes, you have to work twice as hard and give twice as much effort to restore that, compared to the effort it would have required to complete that simple yet crucial task.

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