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The Immigration policy of the United States is in desperate need of reform. The chaos of immigration started with ellis island and how inefficient it was. Our country’s immigration system was so inept and unprepared for the onslaught of immigrants in the 1800s.

This unpreparedness led to thousands of families being broken up and allowed many unqualified people into the country. One example of how terrible the system was back then is the fact that when immigrants didn’t know how to spell their names in English, the workers at Ellis island didn’t know how to spell their names. So many people had their names misspelled or got new names as a result of the terrible immigration system of the United States. Most people now would think that almost two-hundred years would have been enough for the U.S. to straighten out the knots in the immigration system. But many problems still exist, even some from Ellis Island.

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One example of the need for reform in the U.S. is the many rules of the system. When an immigrant applies for permeant working immigration, they first must have to hope that there are still spaces in the five categories of workers. In Theory the categories help weed out people who won’t make a positive impact on the American Economy. But the system only allows for instance, forty-thousand highly skilled workers/atheltes plus left over spots from categories four and five.

There are many other examples highlighting the many rules and inefficentece of the immigration system of America. Hopefully this essay helps you understand how reforms are despartly needed to help trim the complex labrityh of rules and bring justice to the American Immigration system.


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