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Western ThoughtEssay No. 210/20/15                Achilles’ rage has played a significant role in this epic. His anger is one of the driving forces behind the Trojan War. The rage that is inside of him is so great that he chooses to opt out of the war and leave his allies. The rage, pride, and revenge that lives inside of him only causes pain and turmoil.Although he possesses super-human abilities and strength, Achilles is not able to control the rage that consumes him. His rage is so deep that it causes him to abandon his allies and he even hopes that they perish in this horrific battle. He is driven by a thirst for glory, but also pursues a long, easy life.

But he knows that his fate forces him to choose between the two..        When Patroclus dies, Achilles’ is prompted to reconcile with Agamemnon. However,  it does not subside his rage, his rage is only transferred to Patroclus’s murderer, Hector. This only causes Achilles to be more consumed by bloodlust, anger, and pride. The relentless Achilles finds Hector, brutally murders him, and desecrates his body.

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He treats Hectors body like garbage, attaching it to his cart and doing laps around the camp dragging it behind. At this point in the epic, Achilles is completely lost in is rage. The old Achilles is no longer able to be seen, until King Priam comes and pleas for Hector’s body back, which reminds Achilles of his father, Peleus. This causes Achilles to have a change of heart and give the body to him.

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