Every Calpurnia plays the role of a mother;

Every one desires to have a warm family.

But what is the true definition of family we usually talk about? In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, we are able to discover the idea of family. Family means putting your arms around each other and always being there.Members in a family don’t have to have kin to form a good family, as long as they care about each other. In the novel, Calpurnia is a black woman who works as a cook in Finch’s family, they don’t have any kin.

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However, no matter which angle you look into their relationship from, you will see the true love within a family. Calpurnia plays the role of a mother; she builds up many figures of a mother in Scout’s life. For example, Calpurnia is furious when Scout rudely ask Walter Cunningham what he's doing of putting syrup and Calpurnia gives her a lecture in the kitchen about how to respect to others. Calpurnia not only teaches kids in Finch’s family, she also protects them. Jem and Scout go to the First Purchase African M.

E. church with Calpurnia. They encounter a black woman named Lula. Lula is rude to them.

She thinks that white children don't belong at the church. However, Calpurnia points out that it's the same God. Calpurnia protects the kids at any moment. She comforts Jem and Scout.

Atticus says “Cal is a faithful member of this family…If anything, she’s been harder on them in some ways than a mother would have been…” Her efforts of taking care of family members have been approbated by the family.A good member in the family cares of others, and as the same, he or she is deserved to be cared of. Atticus is a good father without doubt. Atticus loves his children. He is always being there for his kids.

He is a kind and understanding father. For instance, Atticus teaches Scout.

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