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In this novel The Hunchback of Notre-Dame (1831), VictorHugo talks about the life of his characters in the city of Paris.This story takes place in the late-fourteenth century. Withinequality all around it was hard for a person to gain respectwithout good looks or social status.

In this paper I willmainly discuss the story of Quasimodoe Esmeralda, andtheir struggle in this story Quasimodoe's mother was agypsy. She could not take care of him any longer so she lefthim in front of a church. Gypsies were not liked at this time,but the church was highly respected. Being it thatQuasimodo's mom had left him on front steps of the churchthe king could do almost nothing. Quasimodoe could notleave the church due to the fact that he was deformed andugly. Quasimodo grew very lonely and bored up in that belltower all by him self. He was looking down one day and seteyes upon a young woman named Esmerelda.

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On the day offools Quasimodo saw this young lady and decided to go do!wn and take a closer look at this woman. It was a holiday,feast of fools, when he decided to go down. When thepeople saw him they were horrified. He got whipped andlectured by his master.

Well, to make a long story shortEsmerelda ends up dyeing, and Quaismodo runs away andis never seen or heard of again. They state that in the endthey find two skeletons lying in each others arms. One thebody of a lady (Esmerelda), and the other the body of a manwho was deformed (Quaismodo).

It also states that thewoman was hung, but the man died because he had comethere by himself and died there. There are many examples ofHistorical Significance in this book. One of which is thepower of the church. The church mostly controlledeverything back then. My second example is the way thatthey talked. They sounded more sophisticated back then.

Itstates on page 139, “Sunday in the year of my lord 1467.”My third fact is the fact that they didn’t like gypsies backthen. They wanted to kill all of the gypyses. It states in theend that they end up killing Esmerelda. My fourth fact is theway that they dressed.

My fifth fact is that it states on page65 that America had not yet been discovered. My sixth factis the food that they had back then. It states on pages 98-99

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