The country. Agencies that provide support for human

The ‘Human Rights’ were created on the 10th of December 1948 by the United Nations to prevent.

The human rights aim to establish equality to every person in the world. Everyone has the same rights despite; Gender, skin colour, spoken language, thoughts, religious beliefs, owning more or less, social group, cultural beliefs, and being born in a certain country. Agencies that provide support for human rights and raise awareness to violations include ‘Amnesty International’, ‘United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC)’ and ‘Human Rights Watch’. When the United States moved their embassy to Jerusalem, Palestinian demonstrators marched to the Gaza border for three key reasons; the right for the refugees to return to their home, to end Israeli occupation of their lands, and to end the Israeli blockade at Gaza. A human rights group, or human rights organization, is a non-governmental organization (NGO) which advocates for human rights.

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Agencies identify human rights violations, collect data on the incident, then analyse and publish their results to the media and on the internet. They promote public awareness while encouraging governments and private organisations, to help resolve these issues. Human rights organisations are free from government influence and do not promote violence or dangerous response.

Human rights agencies have field researchers providing expert knowledge on the issue or issues to the organisation to publish news articles and stories . On Monday in Jerusalem hundreds of people gathered to celebrate the move of the United States Embassy, nearly a hundred kilometers away, Israeli soldiers fired at unarmed Palestinian demonstrators. They were at Gaza for three reasons; To end Israeli occupation of their lands.The right for the refugees to return to their home.To end the Israeli blockade at Gaza. The soldiers were commanded to use live ammunition by senior security officials even though the situation was not life-threatening. They were protected by the fence separating Israel from Gaza.

According to Gaza’s Health Ministry, they Israeli forces shot and killed sixty people and injured well over a thousand with live fire. (Palestinians protesting at the Gaza border) There is no way to resolve this problem as you cannot bring back the Palestinians that were killed, and only time will heal the wounds of the one thousand people injured by the Israeli soldiers. Although the senior officials responsible for the order to shoot outside of life-threatening conditions should be trialed and sentenced under the court’s laws for their careless decisions and abuse of power. They also need to be punished for abusing the following rights;The right to live, and to to live in freedom and safety.

The right to come and go as you wish within your country. You have the right to leave your country and go to another one; as you should be able to return if you want. (Scales symbolising that everyone is equal) It is important for everyone to protect and uphold human rights so that people are guaranteed the opportunity to be educated, housed, and fed. They guarantee freedom, equality and security to everybody, without thought to race, religion, gender, language, skin colour or backgrounds. Human rights agencies play a big part in upholding rights as well.

They provide information to the media and governments so that they can do something about the issue and protect us from people who think they are above the law. THE END


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