The report capabilities with real-time information (User, 2018)

The Housekeeping Department uses a Panic Button System for staff safety and the Linen Tracking system to manage the entire linen inventory and the life cycle of each individual linen item.

Type of technology used in Housekeeping

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Table No. , Types of Technology in Housekeeping
Type of technology
Panic Alarm System
Designed to alert somebody in emergency situation
Can monitor at centre or locally via a silent alarm or audible bell or siren
Used to request assistance from local security, police or emergency service
Can activate CCTV to record or assess the event
Panic alarm buttons are locked when pressed and require a key to reset
(, 2018)
Linen Tracking System
Manage entire linen inventory, life cycle of each individual linen item from purchasing to daily use and finally discarded
RFID attached to the linens are read, allowing them to be automatically identified, counted and tracked
System monitors linen inventory levels, and creates extensive report capabilities with real-time information
(User, 2018)

Figure No: Panic Button System (Technology and Buttons, 2018)

Figure No: RFID Linen Tracking System (User, 2018)
Benefit of the Technology

Table No. , Benefit of Technology
Panic Alarm System
Protect the housekeepers from personal harm such as sexual harassment, detect of smoke in hallways
Provide an instant alert to the monitoring company when the user feels they are in danger and needs immediate assistance
For example, in Chicago hotel, when the button is pressed, a message instantaneously sends to the cellphones of supervisors — including the general manager, director of security and human resources — that includes the device number, the name of the employee in distress and their location
(, 2018)
Linen Tracking System
Tracking devices

Alert managers on the whereabouts of their linen at all times
Monitor linen as it leaves the hotels to be cleaned
It is also a powerful preventative measure against robe raiders
(User, 2018)
Cost saving benefits
Eliminates Linen Losses
It eliminates 100% of unaccounted losses associated with daily laundry activity
Improves Labor Productivity
It delivers up to 40%more labor productivity
It eliminates manual tasks and uses automated record keeping
Reduces Purchases
It cuts annual purchases of linen 5% or more. It knows which items needs to be replace to maintain quality standards and allows operators to lower normal par levels
Lowers Laundry Expenses
It reduces laundry expenses to about 3-5%
It controls cleaning activity and prevents overcharges of laundries cleaned outside
(User, 2018)

Loophole of the technology

The loophole of the panic alarm is that the hardware-only devices are not able to effectively summon assistance in various circumstances. This type of device is rely on sound deterrents and do not alert or communicate directly with hotel security or management. It does not offer location information, and because the employee who deployed it may be in a remote or prite location, such as rooms and stairwells. Hence, the alarm can go unnoticed for unfortunate amount of time. (Hempel, 2018)

The other technology which is the linen technology loopholes is that the tracker does not tell the hoteliers the exact coordinates of a missing towel or robe. Hence, not being able to retrieve the linens. (User, 2018)


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