Essay and starts reading out loud what was

Essay title: The Hound of the Baskervilles

Holmes and Watson are in a little office in Devonshire examining a little wooden stick that their host left behind. It was wasted from bottom because it was used daily, the cane belong to Dr. James Mortimer personal friend and doctor of Sir Charles Baskerville the murdered. When finally Dr.

Mortimer comes down it brings a piece of scroll of nearly the 18th century under his arm. He unfolds it and starts reading out loud what was written in it. It said that on dark night Hugo Baskerville ha imprisoned one young girl; some other night that same girl escaped from the Baskerville mansion where she was being kept kidnapped, Hugo followed her around the mansion by horse, the persecution was herded in the mansion the noise didn’t stop till late in the night, the next morning he was found dead.

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The heir of the Baskerville inheritance is Sir Henry Baskerville and was arriving to London in few minutes and had already been intimidated with a note with a warning in it signed anonymous and with that even stranger motion the theft of one of sir Charles boots. They went to pick him up but immediately they sensed that someone is following them a bearded man but they don’t know if he is a friend or a foe. However Holmes stays in London saying that he is too busy doing work to come along so he sent Watson to Devonshire again to be his eyes and ears telling him to come back regularly to talk about the case .

Watson, being in Devonshire, founds a great state of alert because a convict has escaped from a prison nearby. he founds Mr. Barrymore and his wife to be a very powerful suspect also the domestic help and the Baskervilles neighbours Mr jack Stapleton and his sister ,beryl Stapleton . Many other things happen and very fast first, Dr. Watson catches Mr Barrymore lurking around the mansion in the middle of the night, Watson and Sir Henry learn that the convict is Miss Barrymore younger brother. Then when Watson and Sir Henry were chasing the convict, the doctor saw a lonely figure above them watching his surroundings.They, when coming back from chasing the con without success herd a strange sound that sounded like the howling of a dog but it came from far away from Sir Henry and Watson.Miss Beryl Stapleton gives an enigmatic warning to Watson, and he discovers that Sir Charles had an appointment at the same day and time of his death.

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