The place in the make-believe land of Calormen

The Horse and His BoyThe book I read for my book report was a fiction book called The Horse and His Boy by C. S. Lewis.

This is the third book in the "Chronicles of Narnia" series and it was published in 1954.The story takes place in the make-believe land of Calormen and the also make-believe land of Narnia. It's about a boy that runs away from his life of slavery and his adventure to come. I found this book to be adventurous, exciting,and suspesful (to an extent). It shows people how bravery and faith work together to give strength in times of need.

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I enjoyed The Horse and His Boy and it's perfect for people who like fantasy fiction books.This thrilling chapter in the Narnie series is suspensful, adventurous, and exciting and it teaches one the importance of courage and faith in one's self. In The Horse and His Boy, a young boy by the name of Shasta runs away from the life he once lived. His whole life he was a Calormene slave to a man named Arsheesh, whom he called his father. Shasta flees from his captivity when he overhears Arsheesh plotting to sell him to a slave trader. In order to escape, Shasta needs a horse, so he goes to the stable where the slave trader's horse is tied up. Upon stealing the horse, he discovered that this horse in no ordinary horse, but rather a talking horse named Bree.

They waited until the men went to bed, and then they made their escape. As they were traveling, they were chased by a lion. As they were running from the lion, they ran into another horse and rider, who they later find out to be a young girl named Aravis, who is also running away, and her talking horse, Hwin.She was running away because she was betrothed to a rich, old man whom she did not love. The four travelers decide to team up and continue their journey together. They travel for a while and then they come upon a the city of Tashbaan.

As they venture through the city, Shasta is mistaken for a runaway prince named Corin and is taken captive by the Narnian guards. While he is in the castle he overhears the guards talking about a war to come between Narnia and Calormen and how most people were fleeing the nations. Once Shasta is alone the real prince climbs through the window and tells Shasta how he can get out of the castle and city. Shasta cannot find Aravis and the horses so he decides to wait for them outside the entrance to the city. Finally, after a day and a half, they all find each other. They travelled on through the desert on a mission to warn others of the war that would soon be upon them. After travelling for days, they were chased by a lion into a hermit's garden where the hermit gives Shasta instructions to travel.

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