The Honorable Imposter is a great example

The Honorable ImposterThe Honorable Imposter, written by Gilbert Morris brings reader’s imagination all the way back to before the Mayflower came to America. With romance, violence, betrayal, murder, and deception, Morris sucks readers in with no turning back. The Honorable Imposter is a great example of historical fiction. The readers not only get an exciting story but a history lesson! Gilbert Winslow, the main character, lives in London, England, but he can also be found adventuring Leyden, Cheapside, and the New World. Unlike many fiction books the setting and time era can be found in the world’s history.

The time setting is in the 15th century around 1620. Cecily North, the beautiful daughter of Lord North, plays the small role of the romantic portion of the story. Lord North and his counselors send Gilbert Winslow on a quest to kidnap William Brewster, the leader of the Separatists, before Brewster leaves with his church for the New World. This shows the betrayal and deception of the story, because Gilbert becomes close to many of the Separatists, including his brother Edward Winslow in order to find information about where Brewster is hiding.

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Gilbert deals with his conscience bothering him about his honor and the truth throughout most of the story. Turns out he can not get himself to betray such a nice man as William Brewster, after finding him and realizing that he is a loving, kind, respectable person. He ends up fighting and killing Lord Roth, one of Lord North’s right hand men to keep Brewster safe.

Now that Gilbert Winslow has thrown out his fortune by not fulfilling Lord North’s proposal, the consequences result in the king of England putting out a search warrant for Gilbert. With no where else to go he jumps aboard the Mayflower and hides below with William Brewster, who also has and has had a search warrant from the king for writing supposable blasphemed doctrines on religious matters. William takes advantage of the time he has with Gilbert to share about the Lord and how He can pull all the confusion in Gilbert’s life together and that God has forgiven him for his mistakes. William is referring of course to Gilbert’s betrayal to the Separatists and the betrayal of Lord North. After.

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