The homogenous and mesoporous nano

The homogenous and mesoporous nano-sized spinel ferrite powders were prepared by oxalate co-precipitation method at room temperature. The AR grade starting materials was used as per stoichiometric proportions. Typically, ZnSO4.

7H2O (99.5%), CoSO4.7H2O (99.5%) and FeSO4.7H2O (99.9%) were dissolved in distilled water. After the solution was continue stirring at room temperature then ammonium oxalate solution was added with stirring till complete precipitation was achieved.

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These obtained precipitate was filtered and washed several times with help of distal water. The removal of sulfate ions was confirmed using barium chloride test. The precipitate were dried and milled in agate mortar. All these as-synthesized precipitates were sintered atT^(?50?^o C-?450?^o C), the rate of heating was 2o/min during 2 hrs. These final products were milled for fine homogenous nano-particles. 2.3. Preparation catalysts20?g of spinel ferrite powders was dispersed in 370?L of absolute alcohol mixed solvents along with 30?L of a Nafion solution, and the mixture was sonicated for 30 min.

Then, 170?L of above solution was dropcast /step by step onto the surface of Ni foam, the catalyst was finally pressed on the hydraulic press at the 8 ton/cm-2 and dried at room temperature.


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