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The history of Fried Chicken can be really confusing with who brought it to the south, but we should all know who did because it was during slavery. Many people do not believe that South Africans came up with frying chicken. As William-Forson tells Gastropod, Former slaves, particularly women, eventually used their hard-won chicken frying expertise to become successful entrepreneurs.” Many people do not know that, or wonder what fried chicken is, how was fried chicken originated, and why it could be complicated. South Africans were doubted by many because people did not believe that they could discover something that could be popular to our country.

Inspired, Gastropod decided to make a closer look at the science and history behind the iconic dish. It turns out that roots of fried chicken are mostly unknown according to John T. Edge, writer of fried chicken: An American Story. When it was presented to the American South, Fried Chicken got a usual staple. Later, as the slave trade went to Africans being taken to work on southern plantations, these slaves who became cooks incorporated seasonings and spices that was removed in traditional Scottish cuisine, enriching the smell.

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It survived the decline of slavery and gradually died into common usage as a general Southern dish. Fried Chicken continues to exist among the area’s top options for “Sunday Dinner”. In the United States, Fried Chicken has stereotypically been associated with African Americans. 1 The reasons for this are various. Chicken dishes were popular among slaves before the Civil War, as chickens were generally the only animal slaves were allowed to raise on their own. 2 Minstrel shows and film The Birth of a Nation led to prevalent stereotype associating African Americans with fried chicken.



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