The overall purpose of undertaking this research is

The main purpose of this research is
to analyse, investigate and to explore the impacts of transformational leadership
styles on Job Satisfaction in WNS Global Services. WNS is the second best in
BPO Company in Sri Lanka and is a fast growing company in the sector. WNS
Global is a worldwide business process Management Company headquartered in
Mumbai, India. It has more than 32,000 professionals working in 42 branches all
over the world.


A leadership style is a leader’s way of
obtaining direction, implementing new objectives and encouraging his/her
subordinates. Development of an organisation will highly depends on this
Leadership styles and decisions of the management. There are many different
leadership styles proposed by various authors.

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Transactional leaders focus their
leadership on motivating followers through a system of rewards and penalties or
punishments. Transactional leaders focusing on increasing the efficiency of
established routines and processes. They are more concerning with to follow
existing rules than with making changes to the organization.


A transformational leader is a type
of person in which the leader is not limited by his or her followers’ perception.
The main purpose is to work to change or transform his or her followers’ needs
and redirect their thinking. Leaders that are following the transformation
style of leading will challenge and inspire their employees with a sense of
purpose and excitement. (Forbes, 2017)


The overall purpose of undertaking
this research is to identify the impacts of transformational Leadership and
Transactional leadership on job satisfaction on workforces in WNS. The current
condition at WNS directs that employees can be more devoted to work with better
leadership and with better leadership styles. Whereas the employees seems to be
less dedicated and isolated due to the lack of communication, demotivating and
unstructured environment due to ineffective
leadership which has resulted in less promptness, absenteeism and employee turnover as well.


This report intends to cover the methodology of the
research which includes the philosophy, and methods including sample
information, data gathering information. Also this thesis will cover the
resources which will be used to access organization information.  Ineffective leadership styles could be the
cause to less dedicated workforce at WNS. While neglecting to correct the issue
would bring about higher employee turnover, also organization may lose its
market position and intensity and can even lead to organization liquidation. Hence, through accommodating on
transformational leadership style at WNS will additionally contribute in better
employee commitment more than transactional leadership due to positive
attributes which empowers employees to work in a better environment. 


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