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The secret to success for a long, healthy, and satisfying relationship is communication.Communicating to the opposite sex can be challenging because we commonly misunderstand each other because men and women “speak different languages”.

 Men tend to talk in terms of being very literal and fall back on the information they know, while women have a more expanded and dramatic vocabulary in order to allow them to express there feeling more prominently. When men communicate about a problem to others they generally like to sort out how they feel about the situation before hand, when this occurs they become t distant and non-responsive, at this time women need to step forward and reassure her partner, this allows him to fall back with support and further open up and express how he feel about the situation. Women when relating to a problem in there life like to sort their thoughts through communicating to anyone who will listen, they want to express their concerns and general grievances. To understand how a women communicates, men need to truly listen not just recite back to her what she said but get a deeper understanding of why she is upset then further offer her comfort not a solution to reassure her that everything will work itself out. Both sexes can relieve stress and communicate what is bothering them as long as one or the others partner’s stress doesn’t take control of the relationship. Because although you may begin to gain the knowledge of how the opposite sex needs reassurance there’s always something unknown that men and women will never understand about each other.

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When a man is troubled by something he wants to be told that the abilities of completing this problems are very much in his reach, he doesn’t want pity or concern.Man want his partner to believe in him a unconsciously think he can complete him all by lonesome. When A woman is troubled she needs communication from her partner, someone who is willing to only listen and not provide a solution to solve it because that implies that she is dismissing the concerns and only dwelling on the issue and not taking action. To accommodate their partners’ responses, each should make small changes to their behaviours and communication towards the other, but without compromising their own true natures.

Everything is subsequently different when speaking to the opposite sex.


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