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Essay title: The Harry Potter Series

There are seven books in the Harry Potter series. Six have been written and the seventh is in progress. The author or these books is J.K. Rowling. Although, I have read all six books I pick to tell about the first book Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone because it tells how it all started.

Harry Potter was a baby when his parents were killed by an evil wizard. Harry was taken by some good wizards and witches to live with an aunt and uncle whom they believed would be kind to Harry but they were wrong and had no choice but to leave him there because they were the only family that he had left in the world. They knew that even thought these people were not nice to Harry he would be safe there because the evil wizard who had killed his parents would not be able to touch him as long as he stayed there. When Harry was a baby this evil wizard had tried to kill Harry as well. When it was Harry’s 11th birthday a half giant named Hagrid came to the place where Harry was staying (because the family had left the house, too many owls were flying in letters to Harry) with his uncle, aunt and cousin to take him away to school.

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Harry was to start wizard school at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. On his way to school Harry met his two new best friends Ron and Hermione on the school train. While at school Harry learns things about himself and his parents. He learns how to play Quidditch very quickly and very well so well in fact that he becomes part of the team in his first few weeks at school. In this the 1st book of the series Harry not only finds out that he and his parents were wizards (witch for his mother) he finds out the name of the evil wizard (Lord Voldermort)who killed his parents.

He also finds out that the evil wizard had also tried to kill him as an infant. The only thing that kept Lord Voldermort from killing Harry was the fact that his mother put herself in danger to save him. Not only does.

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