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THE GUIDE -R.K.NARAYAN INTRODUCTION:” The Guide” is a 1958 novel written by the Indian writer R.K. Narayan. This Novel describes the transformation of the protagonist, Raju from a tour guide to spiritual guide and then one of the greatest holy men of India.

There are three main characters in this novel Raju, Rosie and Marco. ABOUT THE CHARACTER: Raju, is the central character. He plays double character, as a tour guide and lover.

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He works as a railway guide and he falls in love with Rosie. She is another central character. Rosie is an attractive young wife of ‘Marco’. Her husband is like a god to her.

She is very passionate about dancing. She is religious by nature. Marco is another main character he is the husband of Rosie. Marco is very intelligent guy. He specialized in cave painting that shows India’s past cultures. Although he is very intelligent man, he spends all his time with his work instead of pleasing his adventurous wife who eventually leaves him.

STORY REVIWE: R.K. Narayan’s novel, “The guide” is the story of a man who named Raju who comes from a small village in India called Malgudi. A central theme of the novel is the transformation of Raju from his role as tour guide to the spiritual guide. This novel tells about two stories, Raju’s relationship with Rosie as tour guide and his relationship with the villagers as a holy man. Raju is a sympathetic character throughout the novel. Raju is a railway guide who falls in love with Rosie, a neglected wife of the Marco. Rosie has a passion for dancing which Marco doesn’t approve of.

Rosie, encourage by Raju, decides to follow her dreams and walk out on her husband. Rosie became a successful dancer. Then the relationship between Raju and Rosie is strained. Raju gets involved in a case of forgery and gets into prison for two years. After get release from prison, Raju stops to rest near an abandoned temple, where a villager named velan mistakes him for a holy man. Raju is content with the arrangement, until a drought occurs, he has to take up a 12-day fast. He continues to fast until collapse. His legs sag down as he feels that the rain is falling in the hills.

The ending of the novel leaves unanswered the question of whether he dies, or whether the drought has really ended.


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