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Many people try to achieve the American Dream by simply trying to make a lot of money.Money isn’t all what the American Dream is about. Other people know the power of money yet they still think they can buy happiness, like Gatsby.In F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, displays that money does not necessarily bring happiness.

Money does not necessarily bring happiness because Daisy has a lot of money and she is not happy at all.“Your revolting,” (139) said Daisy to Tom.Daisy has money and material things, but with just those things one cannot achieve happiness.Daisy is not happy with Tom because of his affairs.“Rich girls don’t marry poor boys,” Daisy exclaimed to Gatsby.Daisy thinks that money is a criteria that men who she loves needs to have.Even though Daisy has money, she thinks he can have everything she wants and she became spoiled.

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Daisy married Tom for his money instead of the man she really loved, Gatsby.Tom was convenient and had money.Daisy made the biggest mistake of her life by marrying Tom because she married him for his money.Now that Gatsby has money, she wants to run back to him, but Tom is in the way.

Daisy was born into money and only thinks of herself and does not care if she hurts anyone in her way. Tom, like Daisy came into this world with money.Tom’s unhappiness is evident through his many affairs.

He has an affair with Mertle and buys her everything she wants.Turns to someone else to try and fill the empty spot in his life.“She’s not leaving me,” Tom said when he spoke for Daisy.Tom’s unhappiness shows through how he treats Daisy.He forced her to do things and speaks for her and won’t let her have a mind of her own.Tom is unhappy with Daisy even though they both have money.Tom is not happy with her because she loves Gatsby and not him.Tom expects to have everything his way because he has money and comes from a wealthy upstanding family.

Tom has money and a wife, but he has not and will not achieve the American Dream to be happy. The American.

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