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Essay title: The Great Gatsby

The idea of the “American dream” changes between personalities. Some people believe the American dream is about money and fortune, while others is about love and freedom. Both examples are found in the novel “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Some of the characters (Like Tom and Daisy) believe fortune and security is all people need and the American dream is to have those things, but other characters (mainly Gatsby himself) believe the American dream is to be loved and have freedom. The author of this novel (F. Scott Fitzgerald) really seemed to want to show the difference between the two.He really seemed to reach to the audience and tell them about an other American dream, a dream not about money and fortune. Gatsby is a great example of Fitzgerald’s idea of an American dream.While other characters are worried about money and fortune Gatsby is all about his love Daisy.

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His dream is to have her by his side while others only want money in their pockets. At the beginning of the novel many of the audience members would be fooled that the true American dream in 1920’s was money. Though as the novel continues and you hear Gatsby’s side you start to realize there might be more to the dream of an American.Tom and Daisy are characters who show the more negative side of the American dream.Tom from the start of novel you relies money is his precious.

He seems to care more about those pieces of paper then his own wife herself. Daisy seemed to be harder to figure out. Throughout the novel you are fooled to believe that she may be not like Tom at all and she cares more about love then she does money and security. But this was wrong for she decided to chose Tom over Gatsby and literally be the cause of Gatsby’s death.

She turned out to be a coward for not only running.

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