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How does the novel show that behind the glamour of the world in which Gatsby moves lie forces that are shallow and destructive? The life that Gatsby is known for throwing glamorous parties at his gothic mansion, but yet lie forces that are shallow and destructive lurk behind him.

At Gatsby’s opulent parties, where he is surrounded by spectacular luxury, courted by powerful men and beautiful women. The people are only there because of live music, delicious food and free alcohol. “Research me rose, honey, and pour me a last drop into that there crystal glass”. While the women seem superficial, Gatsby is the puppet to the powerful manipulative people that attend his parties.

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“He’s a bootlegger…..One time he killed a man who found out that he was nephew to Von Hindenburg and second cousin to the devil” this was said to Nick by a women at one of his parties, when she asked Gatsby about his mysterious past once.

“Somebody told me they thought he killed a man once.” Gatsby’s “friends” are quick to spread rumours. The peculiar thing about Gatsby is that he is viewed as trying to buy all these friends by throwing parties every week and inviting them but when they attend he never shows up to greet and interact with them.When Nick and Gatsby have lunch with Mr. Wolfshiem. “He went to Oggsford College in England. You know Oggsford College?” This displays the lack of education and ignorance that Wolfshiem has in Gatsby. It indicates that he is just a criminal desiring for power and money, who had no knowledge of anything else.

Wolfshiemmaking Gatsby look like a destructive petty criminal looking for money.Here is displayed that no-one has any morals there all looking for wealth power. By putting Gatsby down Wolfshiem is trying to gain Nick’s respect.“Who is Tom?” Daisy still has feelings for Gatsby, she cheats on Tom, but Tom on the other hand cheats on Daisy by merrymaking with Myrtle, which.

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