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Prosper MayEnglish 17/15/16The Great GatsbyThe Great Gatsby was written by a man by the name F.

Scott Fitzgerald. F. Scott Fitzgerald was born Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald on September 24, 1896.  One of the great inspirations to write The Great Gatsby was that Francis lived through the roaring 20s. He had a chance to experience the flappers, the parties, and especially the drama. The Great Gatsby is filled with characters whose lives seems empty and lonely though they have the riches they desire It was told that he turned the world around him into social commentary, that when he was writing his book he wrote the he saw the world. He said that he wanted to create something greater, something “purely creative work” and that’s exactly what it was. Nick Carraway is hands down one of the most important characters in The Great Gatsby.

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He plays an interesting role for he is both the narrator and a participant in the book. He comes from a fairly nondescript background. Nick is from the upper Midwest and had been raised on stereotypical Midwestern beliefs such as hard work, perseverance, justice, and many more. Though he loved his home town He is an educated man who desires more out of life than the quiet Midwest can deliver. Needless to say Nick Carraway’s personality and dedication make him a very interesting character.Similar to Nick, Jay Gatsby is from the Midwest area.

Not many people are aware of Gatsby’s first name for it is not mentioned but a few times in the book. The novel has looked at Gatsby as a dreamer as if his mansion was his whole world. He is called charming, gracious, and especially mysterious. He seems to be a puzzle nobody has seem to be able to put together.

 Gatsby did not really associate with anyone until his “oh so grand” mission to have the lovely Daisy Buchanan. Though you do not realize it till the end of the book, Gatsby is not actually in love with Daisy but the idea of her. (NEEDS CONCLUDING)

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