Nick about his parents being wealthy and

Nick Carraway- The narrator and moral arbiter of The Great Gatsby.Nick was not rich he lived near the rich people and Gatsby.

He loved to watch the rich people live their life and watch all the parties that Gatsby had.He knew everything that was going on around him, but nobody really knew him or even noticed him.Nick rejected Gatsby’s offer because he felt that Gatsby was using him, he felt like way that because he thought Gatsby was fake.Jay Gatsby- Both the racketeer and romantic idealist.He was a high-class rich man.

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He loves to show off and have parties.He was a fake person because he pretended to be something he was not. He does not tell the truth about his parents being wealthy and where he is from.His parents were actually poor farmers.He was in love with Daisy and wanted her to leave her husband Tom.Gatsby would do anything for Daisy.He think that he is wealthy Daisy will want to be with him.Gatsby was a show-off because he wears silver and gold together to show off his wealth.Tom Buchanan- Very elaborate.Tom is a wealthy man.He lives in a Georgian colonial mansion overlooked bay law-front ¼ miles long with French windows and gold trim in his house.He represents the brutality and moral carelessness of the established rich.Hi is married to Daisy Fay Buchanan.Tom feels that women should be home cooking and doing what men tell them to do.Tom thinks that Gatsby is a bootlegger because he believes that a lot of these newly rich people are just big bootleggers.Tom changed and got abusive when he broke Myrtle’s nose.Tom was having an affair what Myrtle Wilson.He went and bought an apartment for him and Myrtle so that he could spend time with her whenever he wanted..

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