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Julian Smith 8/17/06 The Glory Field In the novel, The Glory Field by Walter Dean Myer Tommy’s chapter is crucial to the telling of the Lewis family story. Tommy’s story takes place at the time of the Civil RightsMovement of the African- American citizens of the United States of America. At age 16, he is being offered chance to go to State, a well knowncollege in the area. Mr. Chase,A scout who was at the Delaney High School basketball game, where Tommy, the point guard scored the winning basket.

After the game, Tommy was approached by Mr. Chase and was invited to his house along with Mandy, Tommy’scrush. At Mr.

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Chase’s house, he and Tommy discussed Tommy’s attending State because of his good grades and his obvious basketball skills. After their discussion, Tommy walked Mandy home and headed to hishis own house to tell his parents about the proposal. After telling his parents, his mother received a call from Skeeter Jackson, saying that he was bitten by a snake and wants Mr. Lewis to takehim to the hospital.

While in the car, they listened to the story about how Skeeter was bitten. Reverend McKinnon then stops buy and discusses the protest with the Lewis’s.Tommy then goes to work, where he must fix the plumbing at the restaurant he works at.The next morning, Jennie tells Tommy about the situation of the march on Calhoun street and might cancel it because of Dr, King not coming, which was their main goal. Tommy thenthen goes to watch the white demonstration in the park.

He skips the black march and later is confronted by Jenny, who he takes home on his bicycle. When he arrives home, he learns that Skeeter was beaten buysome white citizens and could possibly lose vision in one of his eyes.He also learns that the sheriff is holding a press conference with many black and whiteleaders in the neighborhood, which Tommy himself attends and commits a stunning act by chaining himself to the sheriff to reach his goal of gaining attention by the television casts. He is temporarily thrown in jail after they separate the two and his chance of going to college is cancelled. Later, Tommy Goes to fight in Vietnam, and is killed During Tommy’s chapter, a major event in the United States history was occurring,The Civil Rights Movement.

The Civil Rights.

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