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The novel '"'The Glory Field'"' is a well written literature by Avi. The book takes you through generations of the Lewis family. The generations all have a certain character that are being held back by the chains of segregation. There are many triumphs and defeats in the novel showing what the Lewis family went through. The story has a symbol in it, and it is the shackles that were first worn by Muhammad when he worked in the Glory Field and in the decades the shackles get pasted from Lewis to Lewis. The book starts-off with a little African boy named Muhammad.

Muhammad is taken from his village and brought to The United States to be a slave. Muhammad endures a long ride in the bottom of a ship with many other passengers and is left down at the bottom of the ship to starve while watching people dying with the acrid smell of all the sweaty passengers. Muhammad eventually makes it to America and is the first to start work at the '"'Glory Field'"'. Muhammad showed valor andtriumph alone in being able to survive a long boat ride like that.

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The book finishes with Malcolm and Shep. Malcolm is a well-off pre-adult that has a band. Shep on the other hand is a crack-head and basically is what created the whole problem in this little story. Malcolm is asked by Luvenia to come down to the glory field for a family reunion and to bring Shep. Malcolm of course listens and brings Shep.

But the problem is that when Malcolm gives Shep the money to buy.

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