The Giver By Lois Lowry Is An Utopian essay

At the ceremony of twelve Jonas is selected be the receiver.

He begins training under the current Receiver of memory, now called the giver. Sonar’s father brings in a sick baby to stay with them fro the nurturing center. They find he is scheduled to be released. Some weeks after training Jonas asks the giver if he could watch a “release” that his father performs. Jonas became horrified as he realized what a release really is.

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He then conjures up a plan with The Giver to change their society.Jonas changes so much throughout the story. Because Jonas is blinded by his society’s ideals, he doesn’t understand how senseless his society actually is. The quote “Always question, always wonder. ” a phrase the giver told Jonas that made him question his society.

Both themes of the book are coming of age and the individual vs.. Society because of Sonar’s realizations about how the world can really be and how he and the giver are the only ones that think differently than every other person.The book was very unpredictable. The book switches up about every’ other chapter. I think The is amazing and there IS virtually nothing to complain about but if I had to change one thing it would be the ending. I don’t necessarily like the way Jonas chose to solve his problem. Overall I would give five stars.

The plots twist and splendid writing style made the book tremendously enjoyable. This book would be great for an audience of 1 1 years old and up, because there are some mild adult concepts throughout the plot.

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