Essay conflict. Such a community seems flawless and

Essay title: The Giver Analysis

Utopia is an imaginary state, which consists of people who believe they are more capable to live in a group than alone. In such a community, the welfare of the group is the primary interest comparing to the comfort of individuals. The purpose of this society is to allow people to live in equality and freedom. Their social and economical status would be the same.

An example of such a society was established in 1848, by John Humphrey Noyes. It soon dissolved at 1880 because of the oppositions aroused among the people about the system of“complex marriage”. This system is different from the one in The Giver, whereby all adults in the community were considered married to one another. The Giverpresents a community that appears to be perfect on the surface.

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Jonas’s community is free of warfare, pain, sorrow and other bitterness we suffer in our society. The world seems to be secure and undergoes little conflict. Such a community seems flawless and is the idealistic society that we longed to live in.However , through Jonas’s training, the imperfections of the Utopian community are revealed. The community allows little individual freedom and choice. In allowing only one person, the Receiver, to bear the memories of the world, the community frees itself from suffering and conflict.As a result, it gives up the ability to experience true feelings, passion, individual privacy, freedom and knowledge.

To maintain the community’s order, strict rules are applied to the inhabitants. “Releases” ( a less offensive term for kills) are performed to the citizens who jeopardize the stability and peace of the community. The inhabitants’ careers and spouses are chosen by the Elders (or government). No one is permitted to get married or have children unless the Elders believe he/she is appropriate for marriage or parenthood.This fictional community is far from the reality we live in.

Although, many of us struggle to escape the torment of hunger and poverty,everyone is considered equal and enjoy individual freedom. We often suffer from sorrow and pain but we also experience.

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