The accessibility of online gambling also means gambling

The gambling policy in Australia has traditionally been the responsibility of the States rather than the Commonwealth. State and territory governments regulate and provide gambling services and rely heavily on the ensuing revenue. However, recent developments have seen the Commonwealth take a more active role in this area. Public concern over the impact of gambling on Australian society prompted the Commonwealth to institute an inquiry by the Productivity Commission and its conclusions have fuelled further debate.

Recent developments in digital technology have changed the way people gamble. Online gambling accessed via smart phones and tablets means people can access gambling round the clock from the palm of their hand. This increase in the availability and accessibility of online gambling also means gambling in the workplace and duringWorking hours is more possible than ever before, making businesses more vulnerable to the issues arising from problem gambling.

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The Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation’s primary goal is to prevent, reduce and minimise gambling-related harm. Established by the Victorian government in 2012, the foundation takes a whole of community approach to addressing problem Gambling and fostering a culture of responsible gambling in Victoria. We are encouraging Victorian employers to be aware of emerging trends and technology related to gambling and how this could affect their employees. Some problems that can arouse when gambling a lot is physical, emotional, and financial health problems that can change your life forever and the way to stop it is buy only carry a certain amount of cash on your person, limit yourself to how much money you use to gamble and if none of those solutions help go then I would recommend you to go and see a psychiatrist so you can then get someone to help you stop.


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