Essay of the modern business enterprise- try to

Essay title: The Function of Music in Reservation Blues

Definition Popular Music:Popular music is music belonging to any of a numberof musical styles that are accessible to the general public and are disseminated by one or more of the mass media.

Popular Music In General:- the music since industrialization in the 1800's that is most in line with the tastes and interests of peopleà extremely wide range of music from vaudeville and minstrel shows to heavy metal – abbreviated to pop musicàoften used for a narrower branch of popular musicPopular Music and the Business:- product of the modern business enterprise- try to select and cultivate the music that will have the greatest success with the publicàmaximize their profits- the big companies manipulate the audiences and sell them products with no intrinsic value- Outlet for sense of expressionand creativity- playing for enjoymentGenres:- popular music is subdivided into genres- different genres often addresse different age groups- the average age of a big band music audience is probably higher then the listeners of rap musicWhat is Blues?- a vocal and instrumental form of musicbased on the use of the blue notes- the word blue is often associtaed with melancholy, depression and sadnessOrigin of the Blues:- early form of blues-like music was a call-and-response shouts – a form.

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