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Story Title: The Friday Everything ChangedAuthor: Anne HartThe Friday Everything Changed” written by Anne Hart describes how a simple question challenges theunspoken rule, the tradition and in the process, bringing people closer together.

We are introduced to Alma Niles, a girl who is well-liked among her peers. She was the one who triggered this exciting revolution. Joined by many other girls such as Minnie Halliday and Doris Pomeroy. These girls rose against tradition and decided to defy the rule: That getting water for the class was a boy's job.

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To go out every Friday, fill the bucket up with water, and bring it back to class. This showed that you were strong, that you were one of the big guys. Plus, along the way, you got to have some fun missing half an hour of class.

On that faithful Friday, just after Miss Ralston had picked Ernie Chapman and Garnet Dixon to carry the water, Alma asked why girls couldn't go for the water as well. Normally, this kind of question would be laughed at, however this year, the teacher was quite unusual. That was why silence engulfed the room as the students all awaited the teacher's answer.

Miss Ralston stared very hard at Alma, as if testing her, and then said, "I will think about it, and let you know next week."” The boys felt threatened by this question and even more so by Miss Ralston's response. As long as there was the remotest chance that any girl might get to carry the water, they had to do everything in their power to stop it. Immediately, Alma was targeted. They went for her as soon as she came out of the school. Usually, when the boys targeted someone, everyone steered clear, not wanting to get involved but the girls rushed in to help Alma.

They had all seen what carrying the water would mean: That they would be able to skip school for half an hour at a time. And that they too, could sneak into Roswell's store on the way back. Moreover, they would get to do something real.During the following week, the boys began to take drastic measures. By Monday morning recess, the boys had decided not to let the girls field at softball anymore. They picked on the girls whenever the chance presented itself. Probably hoping that if things were bad enough, the girls would just go to Miss Ralston and ask her to forget the whole thing. But they didn't and that was what changed their lives.

All the boys' bullying just brought the girls closer to each other. Whenever one of them had got an ink ball in her hair or got trapped in the outhouse, it was like it happened to each and everyone of them. They started to confide in each other without having to worry about being laughed at. It was an entirely new feeling in the school.After the long, hard week, it seemed that Friday afternoon would never come.

But now, it was upon them. The feeling of anticipation was in the air. Towards the end of Junior Red Cross, Miss Ralston announced that next week Alma Niles and Joyce Shipley would go for the water.

In my opinion, the theme for this story would be along the lines of, "Together, we are strong. Divided, we are.

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