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The Mexican Revolution of 1910 all started when the liberals had grown tired of their dictator Porfirio Diaz. The citizens were done with Diaz getting away with violating the principles and structure of the Mexican Constitution of 1857.

The Constitution was meant to prohibit slavery and civil and clerical corporations from owning property. Porfirio Diaz allowed a large rift to continue to grow between the rich and the poor. The lower classes political say also declined throughout Diaz term. There was nothing the lower class could do that would have a large enough affect on Diaz.

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Until Francisco I. Madero came into the picture to increase the say of the lower class. Francisco Madero  was an educator in Europe, specifically at the University of California.

After his years of teaching he goes on to lead a series of strikes throughout Europe. He gained power and numbers throughout the strikes and soon was in an election with Diaz in 1910. Madero had gathered a significant number of the votes from the several strikes he lead. Once Diaz realized Madero had a high chance of winning the election he changed his once strong belief of the one-term limit.

Diaz had Madero imprisoned because he felt that the subjects were not prepared enough for democracy. Once out of prison, Madero continued his attempt to have Diaz overthrown.  During this time Madero and other mexican folk heroes harassed the Mexican army and take over control of their respective regions.

Soon Diaz became unable to control the spread of rebellion leading him to resign in May, 1911 after the Treaty of Ciudad Juarez was signed. After Diaz fled to France, Madero was elected president who was later denounced and replaced by Emiliano Zapata. After he divided the estate owner’s land to the peasants he was assassinated in 1919 and his position was taken over by General Pablo Gonzalez. After Mexico’s president had been changed four times in about nine years the real rebellion began, with Guerilla units roamed the country burning down and destroying land. Mexico remained in a state of complete chaos for several years during the fights for presidential control.


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