The see the adverts on the NHS

The first element of the campaign is posters. They have multiple posters with different images but that will get the same message across.The second element is YouTube videos, there are a variety of videos and they will provide links to the website on where they can get helpThe third element is there social media pages like there website, they have a free sign up page to help smokers quit the website is for the younger people that smoke and that are provided with the help they need to quit.The target audience for this campaign will be for 18 to 65 year olds I know this because for the older audience they will see the bus and the poster adverts on a day to day basis when leaving the house, for an older audience that are not able leave the house they will be able to see the adverts on the TV or hear them on the radio, for their younger audience they will be able to use their website and see the adverts on the NHS website, for their middle age audience they would be able to hear the advert on the radio while in the car on the way to work or taking their kids to school


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