The seeing those who are wealthy get

The financial disparity in this country is getting bigger each year. We are seeing those who are wealthy get even bigger payment increases. Many companies are looking to hire more full-time workers because of the low unemployment rates. The recession in 2007 took a toll on a lot of households and many are still earning the same income they did back then.

The richest 5% in the nation were also the one’s who has the highest income growth, with the disparity between African American and Caucasian household income getting steeper. Government assistance programs like food stamps were shown to have helped many families out of poverty, and many people depend on them. Many Americans have yet to acquire health insurance. The structural aspects of poverty like the economy and material hardship were some of the main points of the article. The article’s purpose was to show how worse the inequality in this country is getting despite household incomes increasing, and a lot of it has to do with unequal distribution of wealth. Many households are poor because unfortunately the system favors Caucasian individuals, and those are also the ones who tend to be in the richest 5%.

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The government finds that it’s a risk giving money to the poor because they won’t use it correctly. Material hardship and other structural aspects to me is when families are unable to have the resources they need in order to live a successful life. Many people depend on Medicaid, and other government funded programs and that’s what they count on for survival. For the poor, being able to find a job may mean increased material hardship, because they may make too much to qualify for a program. Minority families face are significantly at risk with the article reporting the widening gap between black and white person’s income. Factors like race, gender, and class many times are determinants of the kind of life an individual will have in this country.

The article was really well written, and gave me a lot of insight on facts that I didn’t know, like that the rich are becoming richer, and the poor poorer. It’s really sad how wrongly the government in this country is dealing with the financial situation. It’s also sad how no matter what I do, just because I am a Latina, I come from a low-income household, and I am a woman of color that all of the odds are against me to make a better life for myself based on our government and economy.


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