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The field of nursing is a profession I have always looked upon with ultimate respect. I’ve always had a growing interest in child nursing as it strikes me as a valuable and gratifying career path to choose.My inquisitive desire for a nursing career started by witnessing this by being in and out of the hospital for over two months at a young age. At arm’s length, I was able to see what the nurses do on a daily and nightly basis. That was when I truly developed an eagerness to become a nurse.

A paediatric nurse. During my a levels studies I have devoted my free time to read many books and the one that stood out to me the most was ‘ I wasn’t like this when I first started out…’ edited by Lee Gutkind. His book contained stories of nurses’ personal experiences which were a true eye-opener to me and I became more attentive with each word I read. I felt as if these are truly survivor stories. The narratives about how to get through the trauma and drama, and the awful sadness that comes from the day-to-day of working in their profession.

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Although these sound terrible, I view them as rewarding and admirable stories. In relation to the course I intend to study, I have benefitted from my current subjects majorly, Health and social care, Medical science and Art. I find that these courses should assist me to achieve my goal. I’ve gained an understanding of how care values are applied in health and social care settings, and their importance to work in the sectors.

Through a variety of activities I have developed skills that will be of use in all careers in the health and social care sector. Throughout my studies of medical science, I have learnt hugely about the basics of pharmacology and action of medications. I have also learnt about the human systems including respiratory, circulatory, digestive, and endocrine and vaguely over the lymphatic system. I firmly believe these are intensely advantaged topics to have learnt before beginning to studying a nursing course at university.I believe Art may not usually be a subject which would help pursue a healthcare profession but from gazing at a painting or examining a clay piece I have developed observational skills which would be significantly needed in the future. I have also developed an understanding appreciation of different cultures and worldviews.Currently, I am part-time sales assistant in my local bakery which I enjoy a lot, I have gained many skills within my job that I believe would help me through the course and towards my future career, I have improved my teamwork skills.

I regularly talk to customers and the staff I work with which has improved my communication skills greatly and I have also become more mature and responsible since obtaining my job which will be beneficial when working with patients. I have carried out work experience in a primary school nursery and in an early year’s nursery. In a primary school, I was a volunteer teaching assistant working with children aged between 3-5 years old. Within the nursery I worked with children aged between 0-5 years old, in this placement I would supervise and support the children as well as play alongside them. Within both roles, I have worked with many children from different backgrounds and I have learned to understand and manage their individual needs. Being in these placements has helped increase my confidence and my communication skills which I understand is extremely important in the nursing profession as nurses constantly have to communicate with each other, other professionals, children and children’s parent or guardian’s.I have confidence that I am right for this course. I always try my hardest as I am highly self-motivated.

I cannot wait to take a step to achieve my dream.


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