The and Juliet’s love arose at her family’s

The Fast-Paced Romance of Romeo and JulietWilliam Shakespeare was a playwright and poet who worked in the English Renaissance era. Most, if not all of Shakespeare’s works are revered as classics, and must be read.

One of these works is Romeo and Juliet, a tragic love story of two star-crossed lovers. Romeo falls in love with Juliet, which is forbidden, based on their families’ hatred for the other. They get married, become separated, and die for each other all within five days. Five days is quite a short time to materialize a romance, and the short time can bring some problems. The hastiness and rash decision-making lead the many of the issues and the results of Romeo and Juliet.

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All of the events in Romeo and Juliet occur due to some character’s hastiness or blind-passion. Romeo and Juliet’s love arose at her family’s party, a party that Romeo went to to see Rosaline, a girl who, it seemed, he was madly and desperately in love with. As soon as he laid his eyes on Juliet, his love for Rosaline was forgotten. Within twenty lines, they already kissed.


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