Today, on various parts of the economy. The

Today, the Hispanic population has grown tremendously over the years.

We have watched the Hispanics community growth rate grow faster than any other racial and ethnic group in the nation. The Hispanic culture and community has populated all around the United States, introducing new traditions and customs. I was traveling to different to city in the States, I notice the wide spread growth of Hispanic communities, For Instance in Miami the Cuban and El Salvadoran culture is heavy populate in the area. In New York the Puerto Rican culture is dominating through out the several boroughs.I have come around town and Hispanics are known for their good food, which tends to have more diverse people try new cultural customs.

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Hispanic or Latino Americans are a group of people made up of distinct characteristics. Hispanics or Latinos are defined as a people of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, South or Central American, or other Spanish speaking cultures. The Hispanic community represents many nationalities and ethnicities, including Mexicans, Cubans, Puerto Ricans, 15 Central and South American countries, Spain, and the Dominican Republic (Cattan, 1993). Hispanic group are well known in the workforce, politics, education, social economic and religion. The Spanish culture influences a variety of areas such as music, food, language.

Most languages are rooted in Latin. It is always good to learn about other cultures if we expect the same consideration when we visit other countries. Differences are what make life interesting. Majority of the United States is built on immigration, which has made this country the most diverse. And the Hispanic group contributes to that diversity.

Mexican Americans came to America for labor and to seek the American Dream but lack the education to help them to advance to higher paying jobs.In the labor field Mexicans get fair pay though. The Hispanic culture has a strong impact on the economy it has both negative and positive views on various parts of the economy. The positive that the more we spend the more it will boost the economy and since a lot of Hispanic take the low paying and low skill job it benefits the employer who cut cost on labor. The downside to that is that it has a negative impact is on government debt ratio (NPR.Org).

Since undocumented workers generally don't pay income taxes but do use schools and other government services, they are seen as a drain on government spending. The Hispanic-American culture in the United States is becoming increasingly important in marketing and consumer behavior. Most Cuban Americans arrived in this country not as immigrants but political refugees.

Due the communist Government, Cuban’s do not have rights and liberty to have freedom. So, Cuban seeks there independent in the United States.Cuban Americans had the highest rate of business ownership among Hispanic groups, with approximately one ethnic-owned enterprise for every 16 Cuban Americans (MSN, Ecarta). Mexican Americans, Cubans, Puerto Ricans and El Salvadorians are just to name few who are parts of the Hispanic group. Each and every one of these groups shares many part of their Hispanic culture with one another but also vary in distinct ways. They all share the Spanish language, though each has a different dialect and some words spelled and pronounced the same but have different meanings, which farther give them uniqueness within there group.

Hispanic Americans, on the basis of language have a rich cultural identity. (Noble, J and LaCasa, J). Spanish language is becoming more of demand to be competitive to get better jobs. The second advantage is to be able to communicate within the Spanish community.

Bilingual education is a must if children are to succeed in academic environment and in becoming a successful adult in a very competitive career industry. I believe being bilingual is vital to the United States' economy.Politically this group is becoming more involved in politic arena. I think in the.

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