The Ethnocentric Staffing Policy essay

The ethnocentric staffing policy refers to the strategy Of a litigation company to employ managers for key positions from the parent headquarters instead of employing local staff (“Global Human Resource Management”).

By adapting this policy model business feels and acts greater to other countries, both in is product, culture and service (Business, 2012). This approach also helps the domestic market to set standards for marketing and pricing.It helps organizations to save resources by not getting much information about the foreign market; through this may lead to loss of competitive advantage in the market that could have been grown by gaining mom knowledge about foreign markets (Keenan & Green, 2011). Sometimes firms may find similar verticals in foreign markets to help in minimizing competitive disadvantage. This model focuses more on domestic market than foreign markets for firms.Most of the organizations usually relay on parent country nationals (PC’s) for staffing highest management positions abroad there are number of reasons why they prefer to do that: They have political understanding of the headquarters’ organization. They get an option to hire people who have good knowledge about business and technology. It can help he organization in converting headquarter culture to foreign operations (imparting same beliefs throughout the organization).

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Absence of skilled Host country nationals. Better capacity of pacts to relocate know how from the parent to the subsidiary. Greater ability of expatriates to transfer know-how from the parent to the subsidiary) Degree of control over the subsidiary. Help in personnel development. Better career and growth opportunities for Pans. Quick replacement of pacts possible.

Employee development. Through, this approach has some disadvantages as well: Complex techniques Of personnel planning. Affects private life of pacts.

Unclear adaptation of pacts. Parent country national may find it difficult to adjust according to the requirement of international assignment.It is difficult to keep a check on people working abroad.

Cost of hiring apace is very higher as compared to Hacks. Failure Rate is higher. Certain restrictions of government. Legal rules of regulations of the host country. Unhealthy relations between Hacks and expatriates executives. (due to culture clashes) Parent country national are quite sensitive towards their expectations and needs of Hacks. This method of staffing can reduce the opportunities for career growth and development which may lead to increase in turnover rate.Repatriation.

Some of the important qualities we look bombard while recruiting an effective manager for Blue Steel Corporation: Knowledge. Flexibility. Technical understanding Of the business.

Aptitude. Ability to perform or tack on past performance. Managerial talent Language proficiency.

Interest in overseas work. Emotional stability and Maturity. Potential.

Proper education. Appreciation of new management and sensitivity. Independence. Good ability to communicate. Creativity skills.

Sense of taking initiative.

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