Essay man who clings to primitive beliefs

Essay title: The Epicenter of Evil

Conrad's Heart of Darkness is a journey through the nightmarish reality of the Congo and evil of the human race. The journey begins with Marlow who takes a journey both literally and metaphorically.Marlow's literal journey takes him from his childhood, to London, and to the middle of Africa.

He is compelled to understand the secrets of the undiscovered pushes himself down the coast of Africa and into the heart of darkness despite the ugliness and corruption. But what exactly is “The Heart of Darkness”?Like Marlow, Kurtz also follows his wanderlust into the center of Africa.Both men begin their journeys with what they believe are good intentions: to "civilize" and to bring commerce to the wild continent.They are, however, either alone in their good intentions or other white men hold different definitions of "civilize." Either way, Kurtz loses himself when faced with white man's corruption and the primal power of the jungle and its inhabitants. Kurtz' journey up the Congo becomes a journey into himself.Both Kurtz and Marlow must face the darkness within themselves.What does it really mean to civilize? Who is really darker? The corrupt man who exploits other men in the name of progress, the man who imposes his beliefs on other men through fear, or the man who clings to primitive beliefs and behaviors? Facing these questions, facing his darkness, drove Kurtz "to the edge." Fortunately, Marlow leaves the "heart of.

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