I’m .With the approval of his boss

I’m going to talk about this book : The enemy from desmond Bagley.Malcolm Jaggard meets Penny Aston for the first time on a diner party.After the party he invites her for dinner at his place so they could talk with each other and know what jobs that they are on.

Penny works in a lab and Malcolm works in a department as some kind of police.After a while , cause he went out many times with Penny , he got to know her Father George and her Sister Gillian.The week after an accident occured.Somekind of acid was thrown into Gillian her face and the man got away.

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Few days later George , the father of Penny disappeared with his waiter and he left a note to Penny that so should marry with malcolm.Malcolm wants to track down the culprit and he as the approval of his boss and Penny to search the house looking for evidence. He only found a good isolated Room with a model railway but he couldn’t get in to the computer system cause the background of George is secret .With the approval of his boss of the department he found out that George was a Russian and he was a soldier who was investigating a new weapon.But there was always a meddler in the department and that is Cregar.After a while Malcolm found George in Sweden and wanted to fly him over to England.But he got shot down by Benson , And Benson got shot by the college from malcom.Before George died he gave malcom a Timetable of a railroad.Malcolm.

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