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The year is 2025 an epidemic has spread across the world. The virus is worse than anything humanity has seen before. It turns the host into a rabid cannibal with no senses the only thing that it has is an endless hunger. It has been 9 years since the epidemic started and most of the human race has been either turned or has killed each other over supplies.“COME ON LET'S MOVE IT FRANKIE!!” screamed James as he slammed another Limp into the wall smashing the head on impact.”WHAT DO YOU THINK I'M DOING!! IT'S NOT LIKE I ENJOY THIS” yelled Frankie as he kicked another Limp while jumping to the roof of a bus.

By this time Frankie was just about out of breath this was only supposed to be a simple food run into the city. Now it's turned into a marathon where the other competitors would leave you a pile of bones if you didn't beat them..

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3 hours Earlier.“What's taking so long James? we’re losing daylight out here.” said Frankie as he posted look out in front of a window.

“Hold on,Hold on, I’m moving the best i can it's not as easy as you think with trying to open these crates ya know” said James as he pried another crate open “ Oh come on already!”James yelled out of frustration.“Are you trying to let everyone know where we are?!” Frankie loudly whispered in annoyance to James..“I’m sorry i didn’t mean to yell it's just this is the third crate i’ve opened that's full of un-inflated beach balls”said James..“Maybe we should go to the beach” Frankie chuckled“ Should we really be laughing at a time like this? More and more people die every day and you think it’s okay to ju-” James was saying..

“I don’t need you to lecture me on the world we live in, i know well enough how this world works now…” Frankie interrupted. 9 Years ago Frankie had been there at the beginning of the outbreak. Him and his squad had been assigned to protect the hospital. At first it seemed like the whole thing was a nightmare, people coming back to life and eating one another.

It sounded like something you would see on late night TV. But that fantasy of an idea all changed when the patients he and his squad were supposed to be protecting tried to eat him. There was nothing he could do but start shooting, it didn’t matter how many times he shot them they just wouldn’t die. He would try blasting the knee caps, shooting the heart but it didn’t stop them, it seemed the only thing that actually killed them was a well placed bullet to the think tank. Frankie kept shooting until he ran out of ammo, but it wasn’t enough they kept coming and just as he was going to shout for another mag he heard the bloodcurdling screams of everyone else in his squad being torn to shreds. Frankie was backed into a corner with no ammo and no help it seemed hopeless the only thing he could do was use his gun as a bat.

“”Well this sucks i'm out of ammo, and i'm all by myself and worse of all i'm going to die and it's not even in my own country, i thought being assigned in South Korea would be easy”” Frankie thought to himself.“ I’m sorry Janet, i couldn’t keep my promise” said Frankie as he looked down at his wedding ring it seemed to feel smaller at that second.In that same moment a humvee came crashing through the front entrance of the hospital. It startled Frankie on the list of things that he thought could of happened, this was definitely not one of them. Someone from his squad must of sent out a call for help.“ARE YOU JUST GOING TO STAND THERE IN SHOCK OR ARE YOU GONNA CLIMB THAT LADDER!!” the person from the humvee yelled. In the midst of his panic Frankie didn't notice it till now, but he didn't waste any time climbing the ladder.

.“ GET TO THE HELIPAD THERE WILL BE A CHOPPER COMING ANY SECOND” the humvee driver yelled over theloudspeaker. Frankie did as he was told and not a minute after a chopper picked him up and transported him to a makeshift F.

O.B. in the woods.“Hey-Hello earth to Frankie” said James.“Sorry, guess i spaced out what did you find?” asked Frankie..

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