The very first experienced contacts between the

The encounterment of two totally different cultures brought difficulties in the relationship between Europeans and the indigenous peoples of current United States. Due to the lack of similarities in the perceptions of life among each ethnicity, predicaments rise in the very first experienced contacts between the Native Americans and the early settlers. The main push-factors for the Indian lands to be taken away into ownership of the Europeans were the diverse conceptions on how to use the assets of the environment they lived in, and the idea of getting rich due to land ownership. The Anglo-Indian relations progressively worsened after the King Philip’s War, which lasted a little over a year. About 35 years prior to that, six tribes united in order to stop the former aggressor and keep their possession over the lands that previously belonged to their ancestors. However, the act of unification did not change the outcome of the warfare. The Indians also participated in the conflicts between Spain, France and England. The arguments occured because of the North American claims each country made and the disagreements of the other country-competitor. Although the great wars of the eighteenth century ended in 1763, the fueled antagonism of the two opposing races was sustained until the colonial leaders signed a formal treaty with the Powhatan Confederacy.
Kevin Kenny, in his work The Paxton Boys and the Destruction of William Penn’s Holy Experiment claims that the conflict between the Native Americans and the European settlers was certainly inevitable. After examining the Pennsylvania colony, he claims that after the founder’s death, his son Thomas Penn among with his brothers did not “hesitate to use fraud and intimidations”(Text page. 179) . Even though William Penn put a start to an improvement in the relationship with the Natives, it did not fulfill the expectations due to the extreme greed and dishonesty of his sons, the slaughter of the French and Indian War and the savage-like brutality of the Paxton Boys(Text pg. 179). According to professor of history at the Boston college, “Idle land, hungry christians, and the “Laws of God and Nature”-these were the words used to justify the dispossessions of Indians in the eighteenth century”(Text 179). This idea made the Europeans truly believe that they have a right to take away the land from the “lazy Natives” and “properly” use it based upon the Laws of God and Nature.
On the other hand, Cynthia J. Van Zandt in her essay Brothers Among Nations: The Pursuit of Intercultural Alliances in Early America, 1580-1660 is indeed convinced that the conflict between Europeans and Native Americans was not inexorable. She believes that the trade alliances fell due to the conflicts among different European nations competing for sovereignty in the New World, rather than from the cultural or racial contradictions. She states that the “power struggles rather than any cultural differences between Indians and European allies were the reason intercultural alliances failed”(Text pg. 187). Even though there was military tensions between the settlers and the indigenous peoples of the New World, the trading continued which made a huge impact on the “native, European, and intercultural politics throughout the region”(Text pg. 186). The Susquehannocks’ willingness to find a dependable ally and trading partner in the 1620s and 1630s was twice precluded by the inner power struggle of the European nations(Text pg. 187). By focusing on the struggle for domination over the other European nations, Europeans did not pay enough attention to the relationships with the Indians which brought to ferocious encounterments of the two races.
After taking into consideration all the aspects of the relationship between the Native Americans and the Europeans, I came to a conclusion that there was no way to avoid the conflicts based upon the way the European government viewed the value system of the Indians . I think one of the causes of this unpleasant part of the American history was the fact that the European Kings literally gave away the lands which did not belong to them in the first place. They did not even bother to find out who the land belonged to or even if it was a home to someone or not. That’s where the conflict set its root. Since the government was not concerned about the fate of the Natives, it basically gave the Europeans a right to treat them with the same approach. There is an old saying:”the fish rots from the head down” which means that leadership is the root cause of an organization’s failure and demise. In order to justify their actions, Europeans started to propagandize the Indians as Barbaric centered. They focused on three main areas: religion, Land use and gender relations (01/13/2018). “To take away the land from such people became not only reasonable, but a right” (Adams). This idea led to massacres which wiped out those who did not die from diseases. The armed conflicts, marching to the same drummer with the diseases, wiped out the majority population of the Native Americans. If the European government took into deliberation the interest of other nations, rather than their own, we might of had a totally different history to pass on to the future generation of America.


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